There are currently 24 servers online with 22 players total.
Most players online were 129 on 20th of July 2014.

Official Servers

Server Name Address Map Players Game Mode
PL Movie Battles 2 Official EU mb2_cloudcity 0/32 Open

Unofficial Servers

Server Name Address Map Players Game Mode
DE   QSG @ RTV mb2_lunarbase 0/32 Open
DE Gate To Games mb2_duel_dotf 4/32 Open
US -EW-HUB mb2_commtower 0/32 Open
US EW-uMAD! um_swooprace 0/32 Full Authentic
GB {327th} Perry's FA mb2_duel_office 0/32 Full Authentic
DE {327th} Star Corps G.E. mb2_dotf 0/32 Open
US -EW-GSN mb2_duel_ravager 0/32 Duels
RU SrsServer mb2_duel_senate 0/30 Full Authentic
US DOA Benevolence mb2_dotf 0/32 Open
HR {327th} Star Corps H.Q. mb2_dotf 14/32 Open
DE                        u mb2_duel_dotf 0/32 Open
US Ð XMAS ROTATION mb2_deathstar 0/32 Open
DE MBII EU Duel Server mb2_duel_dotf 4/16 Duels
BR Zona Franga #3 - mb2_duel_kamino 0/32 Duels
BR Zona Franga #1 - mb2_dotf 0/32 Open
BR Zona Franga #2 - legosw 0/32 Full Authentic
DE    aLittle Server. ~GTG~ mb2_duel_dotf 0/32 Open
US BFS Honor Duels RTV mb2_dotf 0/32 Duels
NL   *EU* Server [RTV] mb2_smuggler 0/32 Open
US Divine Duels mb2_duel_dotf 0/32 Duels
DE Anthrax 2v2 mb2_duel_dotf 0/4 Open
DE VASYAN NEW ONE mb2_kamino 0/16 Open
Servers List provided by Jack'lul