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Movie Battles II is a fast-paced, action packed mod for the award winning Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy game, that lets players play and fight in the most iconic battles seen throughout the entire saga!

Choose your class, ranging from a simple Soldier to the powerful Jedi or Sith, and play as your favourite characters such as Luke Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Darth Maul, Mace Windu, Han Solo, Darth Vader, Jango & Boba Fett, Chewbacca, Padmé, Leia and more!

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Star Wars Movie Battles II have dynamic Gameplay
Dynamic Gameplay
Choose your class, ranging from a simple Soldier to the powerful Jedi or Sith
8 totally different classes
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Developer Diary - /Ragequit and sabers!

Added by: Jorge-Fonseca on Wednesday, December 10, 2014
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/Ragequit and Sabers!

Greetings exalted MBII Community!

As some of you may, or may not, know I recently joined the Movie Battles II development team a few months ago.

I have great plans for bug fixes, creating new features of my own along with suggestions from the feedback forum, and even helping complete WIP features previously announced. Well, after months of daily hard work I bring you the fruit of my effort. The best feature in MBII since RGB sabers:


As we all know, ragequit is to MBII as flowers are to bees. The force is strong in us all, and sensing when someone ragequits has always been a gift of the players of MBII, but sometimes the dark side of the Force may shroud this, and hence the Ragequit command was born for those times.




The Ragequit command consists of two main features. The ability to ragequit from a match letting everyone around know you acknowledged defeat, and also giving the quitting player a chance to leave a final message with honor.

The way it works is simple. You can type /ragequit or /rquit or even /rq and the game will exit from the current server just as if you had typed /disconnect, except that instead of saying you disconnected from the server, it will say you have ragequit! Additionally, if you were attacked by a player in the last few seconds before your departure, it will list the player as the reason you ragequit (because it probably is, accept it). Finally, you can type a quit message after the ragequit command and it will broadcast it to everyone in the server. A great way to say bye with style!

All you have to do is type /ragequit or /rquit or /rq and the message, if it is more than one word, just put it in quotes. For example:

I typed in the console:  /rq "cya later alligator" and the result was:

That is so cool!!!!!!!!

However, had I been shot in the few seconds prior to my departure it would have said that such person made me ragequit! -like it should - and then my message too.

For those of you purist who want to still use the good ol' /qui gon jin or the /disco they will remain the same as they are now, but come on! Join the cool kids and ragequit with style!

And now how can we ever top this MBII feature you ask? By upgrading to a combo! Would you like some sabers with that ragequit? Well here is a message from the rest of the MBII Team to pump you up for the next release:

Saber changes

The system for purchasing saber styles has been completely reworked, now allowing you to mix and match different styles - including cyan and purple.
The Saber Offense ability has been removed and replaced with Fast Styles, Medium Styles, Slow Styles. They are as follows:

Skill:                Rank 1             Rank 2             Rank 3
Fast Styles:          Blue               Cyan               Blue + Cyan
Medium Styles:        Yellow             Dual/Staff         Yellow + Dual/Staff
Strong Styles:        Red                Purple             Red + Purple

To purchase rank 2 of either Fast or Strong style will not cost you - it will simply replace blue with cyan, or red with purple.
You will be able to select up to any 3 styles with single saber, and 1 additional style if you have chosen staff / dual.
Additionally, the DFAs with staff/dual single saber will now work (for example, you can now perform yellow dfa with staff/dual sabers).

To illustrate the new purchasing system:

(Note: Point costs are not final)

Coming Soon To A Galaxy Near You!

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